Conservation Policies

Forest & Bird is working through all our conservation policies at this moment. The new policies include the Dogs Policy and Mangroves Policy are listed below.

Forest & Bird Conservation Policy - Dogs

Forest & Bird recognises that dog owners and dog regulations have an important role to play in protecting some of our special wildlife and therefore supports the:

  1. Prohibition of dogs from areas of public land with high biodiversity value, particularly where there are species present that are vulnerable to dogs. Dogs should also be required to be on a leash in public spaces adjacent to such areas.
  2. Requirement that dogs be on a leash in bush areas where they may contribute to the spread of disease such as kauri die back, cause other damage to a fragile environment, or represent a threat to ground based wildlife.
  3. Adequate financing for the public education about, and enforcement of, dog regulations.
  4. Provision of informative and visible signage to raise the public’s understanding of biodiversity values and to clearly inform dog owners of regulations to protect these values.

​>> Click here to view the full policy (PDF file).


Forest & Bird Conservation Policy – Mangroves

Forest & Bird recognises that mangroves are an indigenous species with high biodiveristy value, and support:

  1. The protection of mangroves as an indigenous species.
  2. Recognition that mangroves provide ecosystem services that contribute to the welfare of people and ecosystems.
  3. The requirement that any removal of mangroves must be small scale, evidence based and limited.
  4. That resources be properly directed at avoiding the impacts of activities that are causing changes in the coastal environment.

​>> Click here to view the full policy (PDF file).