Stories of Forest & Bird

In 1998 Forest & Bird asked naturalist and broadcaster Matthew Lark to record stories of Forest & Bird as part of the 75th commemorative year.

The following stories combine to form a wonderful oral history of some of Forest & Bird's memorable campaigns and achievements recounted by the people involved.

The stories are of  the Manapouri campaign; the campaign to end native logging on the West Coast and to protect the Whanganui River, the Northland kauri and to give World Heritage status to the Fiordland National Park.

There are also stories about the projects to preserve native bush in the Rangitikei, to Salvage Solomon Island, and to educate our kids about our natural history through Forest & Bird's Kiwi Conservation Club.

 The files below are in MP3 format. You can either click on the audio links, and your internet browser will download them and start playing them or you can "right" click on the links and they will download to your computer. Once downloaded you can click on them again to play them.

For more information on the background of this project see here 

Reflections on Manapouri

Told by Sir Alan Mark and Les Hutchins. The combined duration of these 2 volumes is about 53 minutes.
volume-1-track-1a.mp3 (19.6mb)
volume-1-track-2a.mp3 (18.2mb)

The West Coast Accord

Told by Bill Gilberston. Duration of this story is 24 minutes.
volume-1-track-2b.mp3 (18.4mb)

Rangitikei Bush Reserves

Preserving the Rangitikei bush remnants, as told by Alan Martin, John Marsh and Jim Howard. Duration 49 minutes.
volume-2-track-1a.mp3 (13.5mb)
volume-2-track-1b.mp3 (10.8mb)
volume-2-track-1c.mp3 (10.3mb)

Salvage at Solomon Island

Fighting an invasion of ship rats, as told by Les Henderson. Duration: 26 minutes.
volume-2-track-3.mp3 (1.9mb)
volume-2-track-4.mp3 (13.3mb)
volume-2-track-5.mp3 (3.7mb)

The Whanganui River Campaign

Water that saved a river. As told by Keith Chapple. Duration: 35minutes.
volume-3-track-1.mp3 (1.2mb)
volume-3-track-2a.mp3 (18.7mb)
volume-3-track-2b.mp3 (8.8mb)


South West New Zealand – World Heritage

A world heritage protection campaign for New Zealand. Told by Gerry McSweeney. Duration: 40minutes.
volume-3-track-4a.mp3 (1.3mb)

Kiwi Conservation Club

Setting up Forest & Bird’s kids nature club, by Ann Graeme. Duration: 36minutes.
volume-4-track-1a.mp3 (11.9mb)
volume-4-track-1b.mp3 (13.8mb)

Click here for more about the Kiwi Conservation Club (KCC)


 Northland Kauri Park

The fight to preserve the kauri. As told by Gordon Ell. Duration: 38minutes.
volume-4-track-2a.mp3 (13.4mb)
volume-4-track-2b.mp3 (12.4mb)

If you have any recollections or photos or newspaper clippings from any of these campaigns or projects, I would love to have a copy of them. Could you call me (Phil) at 04 801 2217 or email me at

Production and editing was assisted by funds from the Stout Trust.