Cheesemans Bush

Save Cheesemans Bush

Save Cheesemans Bush

This magnificent stand of ancient native bush on Mill Rd, Alfriston is threatened by Auckland Transport’s Redoubt Rd-Mill Rd roading plans – even though it is meant to be protected by covenant.

The South Auckland Forest & Bird Branch strongly supports the saving of Cheesemans Bush. It is also supported by a number of influential people and a range of supporting studies. A number of other major natural habitat hubs are also in line to be heavily damaged or wiped out by Auckland Transport’s roading re-alignments. Notices of Requirement are about to be served on affected property owners. From that point Auckland Transport will follow the statutory process of inviting Submissions to be heard by Independent Commissioners whose decisions will be final.

A Hui held at Papakura on 15 March was worthwhile in some ways but disappointing in others. Auckland Transport would not budge but had to admit that although they had given out the impression of multiple iwi approval for their roadworks this had not actually been obtained. Forest and Bird pointed out the importance of precedent. If this attack on nature succeeds so will others. At a further meeting between F&B and AT at the F&B Regional Office, AT again refused to consider other route options and claimed to know nothing about how the former protection of Cheesmans' Bush had come to be removed. Graham Cheesmans enquiries to Auckland Council staff about this have produced the answer that this was "a mistake".

Auckland Transport indicated that Notices of Requirement would be issued in April with Submissions closing by 19 May and Hearings held in August. Our Branch has objected to Auckland Council and Auckland Transport. Official processes are starting to move on Cheesmans Bush and the whole of the Murphy's/Redoubt/Mill Roads corridor. This issue is ongoing and we will update this page as we get more information.