Save our seas

Together we can save our seas and our threatened wildlife.

Three quarters of us live within 10 kilometres of the coast and our connection with the sea is at the heart of being a Kiwi. Our seas are paying a high price for nature with a low level of protection and threats to so many precious seabirds and marine mammals. With you on our side we have the power to make change and we need to take action now.

Please make a donation to help us press for vastly improved protection for threatened species and a comprehensive network of marine protected areas. Nearly 30 albatross were killed in one recent voyage because safety measures required by law were ignored. We can’t allow this to keep happening.

New Zealand has a unique and diverse range of seabirds and marine mammals many of which are found nowhere else in the world.

Together we must protect what we have for now and for future generations continuing to push for safer fishing practices. Our seas and all that call them home deserve our protection and support.