Take Action

The Government’s approach to our rivers and lakes is a complete shambles. Our freshwater ecosystems and species deserve better.

Will you take 5 minutes to contact your local MP? Find their details here.

The Government has re-opened submissions in light of the new evidence produced in the scientific report released last week. We’re asking you to contact the Government directly - it’s time for them to hear our voices! They need to know we are tired of their games. Clean fresh water is just too important!


“Hello, this is the office of the honorable MP. How can I help?”

Kia ora, can I speak with the Member of Parliament. This is [name] and I am calling regarding the proposed swimming standards.

“The minister is not available. Can I take a message?”

Yes. Can you please let the Minister know I am  concerned that water quality isn’t being taken seriously by the current Government.

  • I am concerned because the proposed water quality standards for swimming are too low, as pointed out in the recent scientific report by NIWA.
  • I am really concerned that science is an afterthought when it comes to policy. Science should be central to any new policy, not announced after a consultation has closed.
  • I am also concerned that swimmability for humans does not take into about the needs of our freshwater plants and animals.
  • I am worried that health of our waterways is being ignored with all this talk of swimmability. Our freshwater ecosystems are in crisis now and we can’t afford to waste time.

"Would you like the Minister to call you back? "

No, but please write down my name and let the minister know that I am in their electorate and take this matter very seriously.


Yes, here is my name and email (or phone number).

After you have called, post on our Facebook page and let us know what happened!


February 2017

Nick Smith proposed new standards in a consultation document Clean Water 2017, in which he promised 90% of rivers and lakes would be swimmable by 2040.

The country is outraged that these standards seem worse than the old ones.

April 2017

Submissions on the consultation document Clean Water 2017 close on the 28th.

May 2017

A scientific report was published saying the new standards are “less stringent” than the old ones and were not better than the swimming standards in both the Unites States and Europe. The report was published on the 11th.

Consultation is re-opened and will close on the 25th.