Student Involvement

We encourage teens and students around the 16-25 age group to become involved with Forest & Bird. 

Therefore, we would appreciate any input by people in this age group to tell us about  things we can do and ideas about ways that teens and students might like to be involved in the conservation area with F&B.

We would like to ultimately have a section which aims at teens in much the same way that KCC presently aims at children. However, for such a group to run successfully, it requires teens and students who are interested in being involved; older students mentoring younger teens, for example. Older, say university or tech students undertaking biological research may gain from having younger students whom they could mentor and involve as volunteers in their research field-work, for example. There might be an interest in promoting this idea.


Our branch's first steps in working towards this is to do with supporting Student Research,and bringing participants in touch with younger members. We are always happy to hear about other ways our branch can work with students and teens in biological work.

This website tries to give a whole lot of information about different ways you can get involved with our work and play, and comments sent to the blog are read and notice taken of suggestions made, so please feel free to make use of it this way.  Alternatively of course you can contact our Central Auckland branch directly with ideas about how to encourage students and teens to be involved with us, by sending an email to

Our F&B magazine also aims to provide more information about teens and students working on conservation projects with other F&B branches.