What We Do

We provide an opportunity for members and our volunteers to get involved in the practical aspects of conservation; such as growing plants and cleaning beaches.

We also participate in City events when appropriate. We organise recreational walks, film shows and host speakers. We write submissions to the City and Regional Councils and organise restoration programmes.

The Wellington branch is active on a broad front, working to protect, conserve and replenish our natural environment and keep members informed with regular newsletters, Facebook and googlegroups.

Places for Penguins

The project is giving Little Penguins a fighting chance of prospering close to a large urban population. It is focused on locations around the Miramar Peninsula that can provide favourable conditions with vegetative cover and protection by predator control



Two key objectives are clean streams and permanent ecological-corridors with functioning ecosystems integrated into Wellington's cityscape.

Native Plant Restoration

The Branch Nursery began life supplying plants to Karori Sanctuary and continues to donate around 3.000 plants annually to that project. Plants are also supplied to community groups for re-vegetation programs. Our volunteers propagate plants from seed and cuttings sourced from around the Wellington region.


Tramping and Walking

Our two Regional walking groups cater to different needs. They both have regular excursions that explore the diverse environment in our neighbourhood. All are welcome.