Field Trip: Ohinetahi

Ohinetahi Bush Reserve has been owned and managed by the Summit Rd Society since 1992. It is 150 hectares of grasslands and regenerating and mature bush, stretching from Governors Bay up to the Summit road. Volunteers work every Tuesday on tasks including track maintenance, weed control and predator eradication. Sadly, about half of the reserve was damaged in the recent Port Hills fires.

We are privileged to be able to visit the reserve and see the bush that has survived and to hear of the plans to restore the bush that was lost in the fires. Anne Kennedy who manages the reserve has suggested we visit again in a years time to see the progress made by nature (with a bit of human help).

The site is a steady climb, so wear sturdy footwear. Bring your lunch and a drink, wet weather gear in case the weather changes, sunhat etc.

We meet at 10 am at the entrance to the reserve. There is also a parking area on Ernest Adams drive. Allow 3-4 hours for the trip, guided by a volunteer from the Summit road Society.