Restoration Projects in the Hutt Valley

Lower Hutt F&B removes weeds and grows eco-sourced plants and revegetates selected public areas. Members of the public are welcomed to take part in these restoration projects. Volunteers are a valuable resource and are keenly sought.  Work parties usually meet about once a month and work for about 3 hours. Volunteering is informal and flexible. Turn up to whichever work parties suit you and stay for however long you wish.

Eco Corridor at Silverstream

 Eco corridor at Silverstream. Photo covers eco corridor developments at Manor Park, Kiwi Rail and Hulls Creek and Hulls Creek extension.

Manor Park Golf Course

We are working to establish an eco corridor across the Hutt Valley at Silverstream (See Eco corridors) We have permission to remove weeds and plant on the northern end of the Manor Park Golf Course, KiwiRail land, and some riverside land administered by Greater Wellington.

To be involved, contact Margaret Anderson (04) 577 0558 or

We have made a start planting about 200 kahikateas, 40 narrow leaved mahoe, 200 kahikatea at Manor Park and 300 at KiwiRail. We have also removed some of the gorse and blackberry and have one mustelid trap set in the area. Removal of weeds is the the biggest job to do. We are simply cutting and pasting because in amonst the gorse and blackberry are a significant number of young karamu and mahoe which thrive once the surrounding weeds are removed. The area is accessed from the River Road/Fergusson Drive intersection. About 400 flaxes have been planted.

KiwiRail land

This triangle of land between the road and rail at the River Road/Fergusson Drive intersection is currently covered in introduced grasses. We have permission to plant native flaxes over the majority of the area. KiwiRail do not want tall plants in the area. About 60 flaxes are planted already but we need more.

Hulls Creek extention

This is a small piece of land between the Eastern Hutt Road and the river at Hulls Creek. We are planting this in conjunction with Upper Hutt Forest and Bird and GWRC.

  Waiu Wetland Reserve

Waiu Wetland

Waiu Wetland

To be involved , contact Gary James 021-2866282 or

Waiu wetland reserve is at the end of Waiu Street in Wainuiomata. It has an easy circular walk around the wetland but be a bit carefull, mountain bikes use the area.

The hydrology of the wetland has been restored. A pond has been created in the lower part of the valley. Planting has taken place and more will happen but weeds - willows, hawthorns hollies, himalayan honeysuckle, japanese honeysuckle, blackberry, wattle, gorse, and cherry need to be removed. 350 kahikatea have been planted.

Mohaka Wetland

Pictorial shot of Mohaka Wetland

Mohaka wetland is almost a sister to Waiu in an adjacent valley. It is in far better condition that Waiu but will need to be monitored for weeds and weeded from time to time. Apart from that there is little to do because the wetland is in such a good condition.

Baring Head

Baring Head

Baring Head will become a project at some time in the future. It is so big and complex and there are many different views about its future. We are committed to having all of it restored to its highest ecological potential but that will involve difficult choices involving transitions that may take many years. We believe that the best course of action is to participate in the development of a management plan for the area. This will be drawn up over the next few months by Greater Wellington.