Public Talk: Stocker Scholarship Winners

Eimear Egan and Rebecca Dollery, the 2015 winners will speak on the research projects they carried out in 2016.

Eimear is researching one of our favourite delicacies, the whitebait. She’s determining the age of the fish by examining their growth rates, in order to work out how long they spend at sea. This is done by counting and measuring the distance between the rings in the ear bones of the fish by using a laser, a bit like ageing a tree through the rings on its trunk. “My research is important because it fills the gap in understanding the whitebait’s lifecycle at sea and my results will help DOC and other interested groups make decisions on how to better manage whitebait populations,” she explains. Eimear’s research sites are all on Banks Peninsula.

In contrast Rebecca Dollery is looking at the challenges involved in restoring kanuka shrubland communities in an irrigated dairy environment in Canterbury. She’s investigating effective restoration methods in design, implementation, and management of successfully restored kanuka shrubland. The methods she devises will then be used as a template for land owners and other groups wanting to restore dryland areas in Canterbury and elsewhere, in a cost effective manner.

Supper and a chat after the talk.