Briefing to Incoming Ministers

 Forest & Bird’s briefing to the incoming government is a manifesto for all political parties. It sums up our priority campaigns and what we want for New Zealand.

We want all political parties to write policies for a future in which there are no trade-offs – in which the environment is valued as the thing on which our place is built. 

In the briefing we introduce ourselves, and give a snapshot of progress in key Ministerial portfolios from the last three years. We summarise what we want from Ministers, immediately, in the coming three years, and longer term.

  • An ecological economy: the future for our people and our place [part 1]
  • A reliable, plentiful, affordable clean energy supply, imperative to respond to climate change [part 2]
  • Oceans protection, through a marine protected area network – for collateral fisheries benefits [part 3]
  • Progress on land and freshwater management, to clean up our lakes and rivers and keep them alive [part 4]
  • Defending protected areas from major threats of mining, logging and predators, expanding them through stewardship land reclassification [part 5] 
  • Terrestrial conservation beyond protected areas – thinking in terms of networks and living landscapes [part 6] 
  • Work towards threatened species recovery, on land and at sea [part 7].
  • Institutions, decision-makers and processes [part 8]
  • The laws that look after our place [part 9]
  • Environmental education, for sowing seeds in the minds of the next generation [part 10].

 To download the Briefing to Incoming Ministers, see here