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Conservation project
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North Island

All Waiheke Island residents and holiday home owners have an important role to play in rat baiting, which has massive benefits for our native birds, lizards and insects.

We want everyone to carry out rat baiting on their properties, so native species have safe habitat in residential and rural areas. When rat numbers are low on properties bordering Forest & Bird reserves, we don’t have to battle fresh invasions of rats.

Bait stations and bait are available from Ostend Market

Every Saturday morning, rat bait is sold at the Forest & Bird stall inside the hall at Ostend Market on Belgium Street.

It’s best to top up bait stations once a fortnight, though monthly baiting is fine.  The poison takes about six days to work, so it’s best not to add fresh bait more than once a week or it could be eaten by rats that are already dying.

The amount of bait needed will depend on rat numbers. For example, if you put out four blocks and find all of them are gone after a week, you should put out another four blocks and check them after a week.

Eventually the bait take will fall and you can just leave one bait in the station and check it every fortnight. If the bait is taken, replace it and check after a week.

If regular bait take suggests rat numbers are increasing again, put out two blocks. If they are taken after a week, use four blocks.

It is critical that you keep the bait looking fresh - if it is half eaten and mouldy put it in the bin and replace it with a fresh block.

Get your neighbours on board

Once you have your own property under control, start talking to your neighbours and see if you can start expanding the area of control.

Precious guests

If you think you have an endangered species, such as kaka or korora/ little blue penguins nesting in your area, please contact Forest & Bird.

Other pests

Stoats can do a lot of damage to native wildlife. If you spot one, please contact Forest & Bird.

Project or Reserve contact

Hue Ross
021 141 0183

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