About Us

One of the largest and oldest branches in the country, the Dunedin branch assists with local environmental issues and conservation projects. In addition, we host guest speaker talks and field trips to sites of ecological interest.

KCC kids all over the country receive the Wild Things magazine 4 times per year, and KCC has it's own awesome website here.  Here in Otepoti, Dunedin KCC is awaiting some new parents to re-energise the local KCC membership, and to take the initiative for organising structured events.  If you might be one of these fabulous parents, or you are new to Dunedin and want to know what nature oriented activities are around the city, please email dunedin@kcc.org.nz

Local Projects

Dunedin Branch owns land at Moore's Bush in Dunedin and the Lenz Reserve in the Catlins (managed jointly with the Southland branch).

Our current conservation projects:

  • Bring back the seabirds, Coastal Otago seabird protection
    • Fairy Prion colony protection on the St Clair Cliffs
    • Sandymount burrowing seabirds colony protection (Sooty Shearwater)
  • Tree releasing, weed and predator control at Moores Bush
  • Wilding Pine removal. Contact Graeme Loh  for volunteering opportunitites at gloh@earthlight.co.nz
  • We also support the Dunedin Kereru recovery programme 

Get involved

We are always eager for new members, including volunteers to serve on our management committee. Our committee is made up of twelve active members and meets monthly. Members and non-members alike are welcome to participate in our talks and trips, and to volunteer on various projects. Contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator Beatrice.Lee@actrix.co.nz who can direct you to the appropriate Project Co-ordinator.

You can follow us on Facebook to keep updated about local events. 


Dunedin Issues

Local issues we become involved in are ones of environmental concern, often involving submissions to Dunedin City Council and Otago Regional Council annual plans. Projects we look after are typically related to the revegetation of particular reserves or the removal of invasive species.