What We Do

Formed in 1923, Forest & Bird has about 80,000 supporters in 50 branches that work on a variety of conservation activities, from re-forestation to lobbying, bird monitoring to weed-busting.

Originally established to protect our native forests and birds, our role has been extended in recent years to include protection of all native species and wild places – on land and in our oceans, lakes and rivers.

Although the issues Forest & Bird has tackled have broadened over time, the same motivation - to protect New Zealand's native flora,  fauna, habitats and natural scenic values – is still central to Forest & Bird today.

With this key motivation in mind, we have –

  • Established a network of 38 reserves & sanctuaries for our native species that are actively managed by our members.
  • Successfully campaigned for greater protection for our native animals and helped to bring many species, such as the kakapo and black robin, back from the brink of extinction.
  • Published awareness-raising publications & guides, such as our quarterly magazine, Forest & Bird, and our popular consumer booklet Best Fish Guide.
  • Created a number of awareness-raising events, such as our annual Bird of the Year poll.
  • Established eight lodges throughout the country, so our members can get up-close and personal with the native birds, plants and wilderness areas.
  • Because many of the species found in New Zealand cross international borders, we work with a variety of national & international partners, such as BirdLife International.

Remember! We are a not-for-profit independent organisation, and we receive no funding from the government – we need your support.