North Shore

About Us

One of the largest branches (by members) in the country, North Shore branch covers roughly the area of the old North Shore City.

Read on to see what North Shore Branch does.


Photo:Philip Moll

Tuff Crater Restoration

Our main project is the restoration of Tuff Crater Reserve  - Te Kopua o Matakamokamo.

Tuff Crater is one of Auckland's 50 volcanoes - this one last erupted about 200,000 years ago. The tidal estuary is surrounded by a reserve which the branch is slowly transforming.


Get involved/volunteer

There are numerous opportunities to volunteer and get involved in projects on the North Shore. Volunteering is not only interesting and rewarding but it is also satisfying to know that you are making a difference.

For more idea about what you could possibly get involved with please see here.


Protecting Our Environment

Despite being largely urban, the issues facing North Shore City will be common to many other branches. Our reserves are being overrun by invasive weeds. Water quality in our streams and at our beaches is an issue. Habitat is being lost as scrub gives way to concrete in one of the fastest growing cities in NZ. The abolition of tree protection has serious implications for native trees and bush. Photo: Philip Moll