South Otago

About Us

The South Otago branch helps in the protection of the unique lowland and coastal ecosystems in the southeastern part of the South Island. The region is home to species such as the endangered yellow-eyed penguin and the NZ fur seal.
Besides weed and pest control in the local reserves, the branch also organises open information events to the community.


Branch Issues

South Otago faces a number of threats from pollution to mining. Predation on Yellow-eyed penguin, freshwater pollution and weeds are just some of the threats to the local wildlife and natural landscapes.
To top it off, the state-owned company Solid Energy has proposed in 2011 the expansion of lignite mining in the region.


Get involved

Your help is welcome in a number of hands-on projects. Typical conservation activities include weeding and planting in reserves and monitoring of penguin nests. You are also welcome to attend our monthly presentations and participate in our photography competition or plant stalls. Check out our newsletters for more information on how to get involved.

Branch contact: Jane Young


Branch Activities

Branch activities include field trips, plant sales, photography competitions, information events and projects such as replanting and pest control in local reserves.

Protecting the yellow-eyed penguin habitat is a key branch project.