Too Precious To Mine

We recently exposed secret Government plans to open up the Buller Plateau for more coal mining. This would be a disaster for the area's unique biodiversity, as well as the climate.

We need your help to stop these plans. Will you tell the Prime Minister that the Buller Plateau is too precious to mine?

Points to include in your email or letter:

  • These mines would destroy some of the last remnants of the outstanding Buller plateau landscape, which contains unique rock formations and plants and animals that are not replicated anywhere else in the world.
  • The Buller plateau is home to threatened species including the Great Spotted Kiwi, the South Island fernbird, the West Coast green gecko, giant weta, and unique red tussockland wetlands
  • Some of the country’s best ecological experts agree that further increases in coal mining are almost certain to push some species into extinction.
  • Local rivers, home to freshwater crayfish and rare freshwater species will be irrevocably changed through acid mine-drainage.
  • The Government has been planning in secret to make areas of ecologically significant public land available to a private mining company, along with promises of fast-tracked approvals and reduced environmental conditions. Let them know you aren’t happy about our natural heritage being given away in secret deals.
  • The international price for coking coal is extremely volatile, and the forecast does not look good. In recent years, Bathurst’s Escarpment mine has been mothballed in its early stages of development, meaning that the promised 225 jobs have evaporated. The once thriving Stockton mine is now barely ticking over, with 350 jobs lost.
  • Coal use is being reduced in other countries because of climate change and improving steel technology, and the Trump administration is planning to re-open US coal mines. Future New Zealand coal mines are not looking economically viable.
  • West Coast communities deserve a sustainable and innovative economic plan that provides more certainty than the boom-and-bust coal industry.
  • Our people, our environment and our economy rely on a safe climate. Mining more coal to be burnt in developing countries would create a staggering amount of carbon dioxide – this is highly irresponsible and not the actions of a country serious about moving towards a low carbon society.
  • Let the government know that you will be carefully considering the environmental and conservation policies of political parties before placing your vote this election.
  • Ask the Prime Minister to  abandon plans to open up new areas on the Buller Plateau for coal mining, and that he provide permanent protection for the plateau’s unique and outstanding landscapes and biodiversity.

Don't have time to write a letter yourself? Use our template version.