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The agriculture industry has agreed to make a plan for pricing their carbon emissions, but not with the urgency that’s needed.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced today a plan to measure and price emissions at the farm level, but it will not come into effect until 2025.

“The Government and agriculture industry are taking a step in the right direction," says Forest & Bird Chief Executive Kevin Hague.

“But the change is far too slow. We need all industries to do everything they can to reduce greenhouse gas emissions right away.” 

“The longer we leave it, the faster the agriculture sector will have to cut emissions to limit warming to 1.5 degrees, the harder it will be for farmers. Procrastination and half-measures already mean we have almost run out of time.”

"We believe in farm level inclusion to help drive individual behaviour change, but the incentive needs to meaningful for farmers and include all greenhouse gas emissions," says Mr Hague.

The changes for measuring and pricing emissions are important, and align with other environmental reforms like changes to freshwater rules.

Mr Hague says "Everybody has to do what they can, and this change is a part of efforts to reduce all forms of pollution that have previously been dumped into our water and atmosphere without any measure or cost." 

“Today's change is part of a bigger transformation in Aotearoa New Zealand to ensure our economic activities protect and restore nature, not destroy it."

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