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The fungi fun quiz featured in the Autumn 2019 issue of the Forest & Bird magazineSign up as a Forest & Bird member to receive your copy (in print or digital). 

12 species of fungi to guess

Credit: Bernard Spragg

Fungi Fun quiz answers:

  1. Alpine jelly cone (Guepiniopsis alpina) also known as poor man’s gumdrop.
  2. Basket fungi (Ileodictyon cibarium) is native to New Zealand.
  3. Devil’s fingers (Clathrus archeri), also known as octopus stinkhorn.
  4. Fairies bonnets (Coprinus disseminatus) last only a few days.
  5. False morel (Gyromitra tasmanica) is native to New Zealand and poisonous.
  6. Fly agaric (Amanita muscaria) is a most conspicuous mushroom.
  7. Earthstars (Geastrum) from the family Geastraceae.
  8. Sulfur tuft (Hypholoma fasciculare), also known as clustered woodlover.
  9. Turkey tail fungus (Trametes versicolor) is a colourful common mushroom.
  10. Velvet foot (Flammulina velutipes) also known as the winter mushroom.
  11. Wine glass fungus (Podoscypha petalodes) has paper-like funnels on short stalks.
  12. Wolf-fart puffball (Lycoperdon pyriforme) aka pear-shaped puffball and stump puffball.
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