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In this issue, we find out how a “lost” population of critically endangered lizards was recently discovered on a high country station. The owners may be doing more for the planet than any other farmer in New Zealand. Read their story and see if you agree!

F&B Magaziner winter 2022 cover with a green mokomoko lizard

A series of recent storms has put the spotlight on our country’s outdated flood protection infrastructure. Forest & Bird’s freshwater advocate Tom Kay argues the case for making room for rivers as a nature-friendly way to reduce flooding.

Ann Graeme reveals some of the tricks our flora plays to get pollinated, we celebrate our diverse and colourful hebes, and Brian Rance discovers a new plant species in the Southland mountains, 30 years after first spotting it.

Forest & Bird has been running a campaign this year calling for an end to the needless slaughtering of blue sharks caught by mistake in Aotearoa waters. You will be shocked at what our marine team has uncovered.

Kākahi researcher Dr Tom Moore shines a light on what it’s like to be a freshwater mussel when your home has a weed problem.

All this plus much more: Sustainable travel tips, the $5 penguin, Olaf Petersen’s photographic legacy, the secret life of kākahi, marine heatwaves, the fight for nature in Belarus, New Zealand’s Garden Bird Survey, saving scallops, and all the latest Forest & Bird campaign news.

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